Dressing for the Lyric Theatre

If you haven’t been to the theatre, you might be wondering what you need to wear when you see a great production at the Lyric Theatre in Sydney. Many prefer to wear formal attire out to the theatre, but the type of production you see could mean the difference between wearing formal attire if you want, and even business casual. You should really avoid wearing jeans and t-shirt to any type of theatre production – use going out as a chance to dress up and enjoy the surroundings of the theatre and enthusiasts. People who go to the theatre often worry about one thing: not dressing formal or causal enough. Here are a few tips to make sure you don’t feel uncomfortable during a performance:

Check the theatre webpage or call in advance to ask if there is a dress code. Some theatres prefer if you wear business casual, which means slacks and a collar-type shirt and sports jacket for men and a nice pair of slacks and blouse for women. If it is opening night, some productions request formal attire to celebrate the lavish affair. Call ahead to get in the know so you don’t show up under or overdressed.

Determine the type of performance being played. If a world-renowned opera singer is making an appearance, a suit might be a great way to go. For a rock concert, jeans and a polo shirt are adequate – depending on the band, of course.

The time of day in which the performance takes place often indicates the type of attire you should consider. For example, slacks and a buttoned-down shirt is perfectly acceptable for a matinee on a Sunday afternoon, while a Friday evening performance is usually ideal for a suit and a semi-formal dress that go to the calves – or longer.

When in doubt, always show up to the theatre in slacks and a buttoned-down shirt for men, and bring along a sports coat if you see the crowd is dressier than you anticipated. Women always do well wearing a pant suit with heels, and dress up the look with a statement necklace or earrings if you want to look more formal.

The theatre is about enjoying the arts, but knowing how to dress will take away that feeling that you are out of place because you are not wearing the proper attire.