Easy Ways to Find Tickets to Lyric Theatre!

Spending an evening at the theatre with friends or family is a wonderful way to enjoy the entertainment options in your city, and when you visit a performing art venue while on holiday, it makes the memories even more special. Whether you go to the Lyric Theatre in Brisbane or travel to Sydney there are many restaurants, shops and attractions to enjoy while staying in the community – take a break from walking around the city and enjoy a wonderful play or performing art to round out your stay in one of these amazing Australian cities!

There can be a few ways to implement a trip to the Theatre into your overall arrangements to ensure you find the best seats for the value – depending on your budget and time restraints. Lyric Theatre supplies the best within entertainment – through productions directly from Broadway to concerts by your favorite recording artist – purchasing tickets in advance give you plenty of seating options and you have your pick of performances to suit your needs.

If you know you’re going to stay in a key Australian city including Sydney or Brisbane months in advance, purchase tickets when you have your itinerary so you have the best option of where you are sitting in the theatre. The longer you wait to get tickets, the more chance you have of being limited in your selections. If you’re going to stay in the city once your favourite play is performing at the Lyric Theatre, you’ll want to jump on tickets early so you don’t miss your chance!

Various credit card and bank companies offer prize points to be used for theatre purchases, and in some cases, credit card companies offer you the chance at an advance purchase as a reward of being a valued cardholder. Pay for the tickets with the card and then ask that they leave tickets with the box office. This offers you a peace of mind that your tickets will be awaiting your arrival – if you are coming from another location, your theatre tickets are one last thing you have to worry about packing.

Theatre excursions are a luxury only a few can enjoy, so if you think you are going to be able to go to Lyric Theatre while in Brisbane or Sydney, don’t pass the opportunity up. The beautiful Star City Complex is just lovely – and you will enjoy the day there!