Great Seating Options at the Lyric

Most people love to go out to the theatre at least a couple times of year – and when you go you want it to be special! One of the best places to go is the Lyric Theatre, located in the Star City Complex in Sydney, Australia. Whether you live in the area or are planning to come enjoy the weather now that it is warm and sunny, a stop at the Lyric Theatre should be on everyone’s must do list. The Lyric Theatre is home to many world class productions, including Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, and Doctor Zhivago.

Each year, the Lyric Theatre is host to many spectacular performances in the beautiful facility. Opera, ballet, musicals and drama have all stopped at the theatre for amazing runs – and the spacious seating plan and lovely acoustics is the perfect reason why the Lyric Theatre is in such demand. When purchasing tickets, always be sure to look at a seating chart of any theatre you plan on attending – knowing where you do and don’t want to sit helps you make a great decision on what seats to purchase. Purchasing tickets well in advance of a performance also gives you a great selection of tickets from which to choose – ensuring you sit exactly where you want.

The beautiful Lyric Theatre in Sydney opened in 1997 and has since been a staple of the performing arts scene for residents and visitors alike. It’s proximity to the Star City Complex ensures guests have plenty of options when it comes to restaurants, entertainment and dining. The lovely Darling Hotel offers spectacular accommodations – perfect for enjoying after a day of exploring Sydney or taking in a performance at the Lyric Theatre. Before planning your trip to the Lyric Theatre, check out the provided schedule on its webpage to determine what you want to see – the theatre frequently has live musical productions, visual arts, Broadway productions and concerts, so there is always something for everyone.

Sometimes, well loved plays or performances are going to be sold out – and that’s never a good thing. If you are traveling to Sydney and you want to see a specific play or performance, be sure to look at third party ticket brokers, as they might have some tickets. Keep in mind, going through a third party is often expensive and risky – so be aware!