Lyric Theatre – A Must Visit Destination

The Lyric Theatre and Darling Hotel should be at the top of any list for when visiting Sydney.  Beautiful surroundings, spa facilities and amenities are found within this beautiful hotel and entertainment centre.  The location of the hotel in Star City, close to the Sydney Harbour, makes it an amazing view for those who are coming to Sydney for the first time and want to enjoy what the city has to offer.

The Lyric Theatre is a beautiful, yet petite, part of this entertainment complex.  Whether you’re staying at a local hotel or you have reservations for the stunning Darling Hotel, be sure to visit the Star City complex to enjoy all of the gaming and entertainment attractions.  Luxury retail shops are also located in the centre, so get some fabulous shopping done before you leave.

First opened to the public in September 2011, The Star entertainment  venue is a premier spot in Sydney, Australia.  Visitors from all around the world appreciate the beautiful cityscape, amazing architecture and view of the Sydney harbour from the multimillion-dollar complex.  The Star features an outstanding gaming area, extensive spa, luxury boutique hotel, and many bars and sports lounges — with more than 20 restaurants in the limited location. The stunning Darling Hotel offers world-class amenities and is a close distance to some of the best cuisines and nightspots Sydney has.  Anticipated to open in 2013, an events and entertainment centre with a 4000-seat capacity will increase the appeal of the entertainment venue.

The Lyric Theatre is a gorgeous location in which to enjoy some of Broadway’s best performances, musical concerts by your favorite music artists, or visual art performances that are sure to impress even the most seasoned theatre-goer.  If you plan to visit the Lyric Theatre, try to get tickets ahead of time so you have the best options for seating – tickets to the theatre sell out quickly!  Meet up with friends and family before or after a show at one of the 20 impressive restaurants in the Star City complex.  Whether you want a regional favorite or international cuisine, there is always something for everyone. The Lyric Theatre is a small part of the Star City complex, but each venue stands alone in beauty and accessibility. Enjoy the culture offered with the entertainment venue, and try some world-classes cuisines provided by some of the most renowned chefs in the world!