Lyric theatre Brisbane

The Lyric Theatre Brisbane is a 2,000-seat performance venue located in the Queensland Performing Arts Centre. It is renowned for its elegance, comfort and excellent acoustics, making it one of Australia’s finest performance locations. After the disastrous floods of 2011, the Lyric Theater was the first performance venue in Brisbane to reopen, featuring a performance of the musical “Wicked” while cleanup and repair operations were still underway in the city outside.

The Lyric Theatre Brisbane is the home of Opera Queensland and Brisbane’s primary location for opera, musicals and ballet. It is built in a semicircle with continental seating and two levels of balconies. The stage area has main, side and rear stages, and the rear stage can be acoustically isolated allowing the main and rear stages to be used simultaneously. The pit can be raised to form a thrust stage. With all of these configuration options, the Lyric Theater is appropriate for any sort of performance.

Some of the Lyric theatre’s most popular presentations are its famous musicals and ballets. The first performance held at the Lyric Theatre was “La belle Helene,” Jacque Offenbach’s spoof on the story of the Trojan War. The musical production of Pasternak’s “Doctor Zhivago” is scheduled to open at the Lyric theatre in July 2011, while the ballet “The Last Emperor” will be performed from 9 through 11 June. An unusual event to be held at the theatre will be “The UpDO,” a production put on by prominent names in the Queensland fashion scene. This show, intended to be part of the city’s post-flood recovery, will show makeovers of flood victims, demonstrations of artistic hair styling and a live fashion shoot.

As one of Australia’s leading performing arts locations, the Lyric Theatre Brisbane is a showpiece of atmosphere and architecture.