Special Events at the Queensland Performing Arts Centre

Why settle for something average when you can throw your special event at the Queensland Performing Arts Centre! This beautiful destination, home to the stunning Lyric Theatre, has ideal facilities for all types of special events, ranging from weddings to corporate gatherings. When you want an event out of the ordinary, consider holding it at the Queensland Performing Arts Centre. Here are a few of the benefits and specifications of the Performing Arts Centre:

  • QPAC is perfect for gatherings of any size. Venue options fit groups of 12 to 500 in various rooms and venues – so you can easily find something that best matches your needs
  • Stunning views for all of your guests or attendants. A rooftop function room provides guests with amazing views of the surroundings and city lights – perfect for an unforgettable experience. Floor to ceiling glass panels give all guests an unobstructed view, too!
  • Each room is set up with state of the art visual and audio equipment, so whether you want to have a live band at your wedding or go through a PowerPoint presentation for work, they are possible at the many venue options at the Queensland Performing Arts Centre.
  • Room decorating is available with venue options. If you need the room to look elegant and floral for a wedding, decorators will set the space up for you. Alternatively, business meetings and seminars are equally as easy to set up for groups of any size.
  • Parking is on site, so guests don’t have to worry about finding parking away from the Queensland Performing Arts Centre. If the guests are from out of town, this feature is ideal as they won’t need to deal with the stress of finding parking on top of location the Performing Arts Centre.
  • It’s very accessible! The Queensland Performing Arts Centre is accessibly by ferry, train and bus – so guests can easily come from all over the region to an event held at the venue. When creating invitations, think about including the transportation options with the invite so guests know exactly what options they have.

The Lyric Theatre is a well loved venue in the Queensland Performing Arts Centre – so it is a perfect way to include it in a multitude of events. Beautiful facilities and ideal location make this an ideal place to hold any special event.