The Lyric Theatre Offers More Than Merely Entertainment

When was the last time you went to the theater? Better than that, when was the last time you visited Australia? One of the most famous theaters in Southeastern Australia, close to Sydney, is the Lyric Theatre. The relatively small and new theater nevertheless packs quite a punch. The Lyric Theatre in Sydney hosts a variety of theater productions including operas, ballets, musicals and concerts. To put it quite simply, the Lyric Theatre symbolizes the ultimate in entertainment.

With seating for over 200 guests, the modern theater offers some of the best in entertainment.  Near the theater, you’ll find over twenty new restaurants, any of which will satisfy a picky palate. Bars and cafés line the streets surrounding the Lyric Theatre, as do a collection of hotels in retail stores.

One of the most interesting things about the Lyric Theatre is its panoramic views.  Located near Pirrama Road, the theater is close to the harbor, offering tons of exciting things to do and see. Before visiting the theater, try one of the restaurants in the neighborhood for a bit of gourmet pre-theater dining, or eat simply at any other cafés or bistros that also line the street.

Getting to and from the Lyric Theatre is quite easy, as is finding excellent hotel accommodations to make your stay enjoyable. You’ll certainly have quite a selection, from The Darling, with 171 rooms and gorgeous views of Sydney’s Harbour Bridge and the Blue Mountains in the distance, to deluxe rooms, penthouses and luxury suites found at Astral Tower.

Enjoy your holiday and the shows at Lyric Theatre after a day of rejuvenation and relaxation at the spa, a variety of hair salons, health clubs, or the pool at The Darling. To round out your day, go shopping in any one (or more) venues along the street. Whether you’re looking for Gucci, Calvin Klein, or a simple T-shirt, the streets surrounding the Lyric Theatre have something just for you.

The Lyric Theatre also hosts a number of events during the year, with a gorgeous and elegant conference room located in their Events Centre. Whether you’re looking to host a wedding reception or an international business meeting, the Events Centre, located near the theatre, offers the best in modern design coupled with stunning views of Sydney and its surroundings. For the perfect venue, entertainment or accommodations, check out the Lyric Theatre near downtown Sydney.