Theatre Ticket Buying Tips

Whether you plan to visit the Lyric Theatre in Brisbane or Sydney, you’ll likely want to have tickets to your favourite show months in advance to ensure you actually get seats. No matter where you watch performances, well-known productions and musical acts sell out quickly, so it’s always important to act quickly if you want to secure your seats. That’s not to say that if the show is sold out you won’t get in, but you will likely end up paying more to third-party ticketholders. If the show is important to you and you can only make it down to Sydney or Brisbane at a certain time, that might be your only option – but it will be worth it.

If you’re someone who usually buys tickets directly from the box office, you might find that purchasing tickets in alternative locations is overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. There are a few easy steps you can take when you are ready to purchase your tickets:

Try the Lyric Theatre – Since you might not know if a show is sold out or not, be sure to visit the Lyric Theatre website to see if there are any tickets available. If the tickets have been on sale for a while, you run the risk of having seats a little further back than you wanted – but it’s easier to get the tickets through Lyric Theatre, especially when you can pick up tickets on the day of the performance at the box office.

Discount Ticket Sites – Browse the Internet for discounted theatre tickets in Brisbane or Sydney to see various results with ticket options. Stay with the ticket sites higher up on the browser search engine, and just to be safe, search any feedback for the company before purchasing tickets. Never buy from websites that don’t look or sound reputable – there is always international ticket sellers, such as Ticketmaster, that are well-known and widely used.

These two options are the safest bet when it come to buying tickets for a performance at the Lyric Theatre. Never plan to buy tickets from people selling them outside the theatre – there is fraud that goes on and you don’t want to pay cash for a ticket that turns out to be bogus when you arrive at the theatre doors. Plan ahead and look at upcoming performance before your trip to Sydney or Brisbane to have the best pick of seats.