Visiting the Lyric Theatre

When you go on holiday, don’t you want to do something above and beyond – something you don’t often have a chance to enjoy at home? A trip to the theatre is the perfect way to get outside and enjoy the surrounding ambiance and culture that is found around the Lyric Theatre. You can centre your entire vacation around the theatre, staying at one of the fabulous hotels and dining at the exquisite restaurants close by – or you can stay at any number of the amazing hotels in Sydney and go to the theatre for a night on the town with a loved one.

Sydney has so much to offer, from its beautiful waterfront to wonderful shopping and attractions. The Star City Entertainment Complex has so much to see and do – award winning restaurants offer a variety of local and international cuisines to enjoy before or after the show. Whether you want to enjoy a world class dinner or just grab a causal bite to eat, there is something for everyone at the Star City Entertainment Complex. The complex is centrally located to many notable attractions in Sydney, so you have plenty to do before you head in for a show.

The Darling Hotel, located just steps from the Lyric Theatre, offers world class amenities and luxurious accommodations to enjoy while you are on holiday. Throughout the year, the Lyric Theatre plays host to some of the hottest productions in the world. Notable productions, such as Legally Blonde: The Musical and WarHorse are just two great plays you can see if you come to Lyric Theatre this year. The best way to ensure you get tickets to one of these famous productions is to try and get your tickets as early as possible. As you know with theatre attendance, the demand of tickets begins to grow as soon as a play is announced – which is months in advance. Be sure to secure your tickets before you even set foot in Sydney, that way you can relax knowing you will enjoy a production in the stunning Lyric Theatre.

If you are coming to Sydney and you are unsure what you want to, think about adding a trip to Lyric Theatre to the itinerary. Enjoy a stay at one of the area hotels, or book a room at The Darling – you will not be disappointed in your decision!